Home Inspiration 10th Place 2020 #BossSummerChallenge

10th Place 2020 #BossSummerChallenge

10th Place 2020 #BossSummerChallenge

Tammy Grater from Lasered From The Heart took the 10th place for our #BossSummerChallenge with the amazing project of engraving the North Star Waterways logo on cedar dock sections.

Each single dock section with the logo was done in three parts in order to engrave on that big of an area for it to come out correctly. A lot of time was spent setting up and getting each board aligned and spaced so once completed everything would be uniform. Make sure to follow Tammy for more amazing projects and remember to share your awesome creations by tagging us or using #TeamBossLaser😎Click here to other 9 place holders: https://bosslaseru.com/bosssummerchallenge-top-10-winners/


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