Home Inspiration 2nd Place 2020 #BossSummerChallenge

2nd Place 2020 #BossSummerChallenge

2nd Place 2020 #BossSummerChallenge

Today we’re sharing the 2nd place project from our #BossSummerChallenge! Gabriel with Gabriel Schama Studios created this piece of art. 

Named “The Offering”, it’s 7 feet wide, almost 4 feet tall, and has 13 layers of 1/8″ white birchwood with various stains. This piece is a bit unique compared to other works from Gabriel because one of the middle layers is a solid piece with extensive etching all over it with layered pockets throughout. Make sure to follow Gabriel for more of his projects and remember to share your awesome creations by tagging us or using #TeamBossLaser😎Click here to other 9 post holders: https://bosslaseru.com/bosssummerchallenge-top-10-winners/


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