Home Inspiration 5th Place 2020 #BossSummerChallenge

5th Place 2020 #BossSummerChallenge

5th Place 2020 #BossSummerChallenge

The 5th place winner for our #BossSummerChallenge was created by Rick Dodson with Four Color Creations!

Rick has always been a huge fan of 1940 – 1950s comic books and wanted to create something unique that wasn’t available anywhere online. He came up with the idea of laser cutting 3D recreations of comic book artwork using 3mm and 6mm plywood.

What started as a hobby, creating something he was passionate about and loved, has turned into a fantastic side business for Rick! Make sure to follow him for more of his projects and remember to share your awesome creations by tagging us or using #TeamBossLaser.😎Click here for other 9 place holders: https://bosslaseru.com/bosssummerchallenge-top-10-winners/


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