Home Inspiration 7th Place 2020 #BossSummerChallenge

7th Place 2020 #BossSummerChallenge

7th Place 2020 #BossSummerChallenge

This awesome mechanical box was created by Allen Massey from Focused Light Creation, and took 7th place in our #BossSummerChallenge!

Allen found an old design on the web that did not function, so he decided to update it in LightBurn, scale it up to work with 1/4 inch wood and cut it using his LS-1420

You can find more of his creations on his Etsy Shop; https://etsy.me/3gjsos6.

Click here for other 9 place holders: https://bosslaseru.com/bosssummerchallenge-top-10-winners/


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