Home Inspiration 8th Place 2020 #BossSummerChallenge

8th Place 2020 #BossSummerChallenge

8th Place 2020 #BossSummerChallenge

This awesome and unique piece titled “Cielo” was created by Alma Arizpe from River Girl Works, and took 8th place in our #BossSummerChallenge! 🐢

This piece is 23″ x 16″, made from reclaimed wood using fractal burning to create one of a kind patterns that follow the grain of the wood. It was engraved using the Boss 1455 65wt. The turtle is filled with resin mixed with blue and pearl pigments enhancing the shell and gives it a 3D effect. Make sure to follow Alma for more of her projects and remember to share your awesome creations by tagging us or using #TeamBossLaser😎Click here to other 9 place holders: https://bosslaseru.com/bosssummerchallenge-top-10-winners/


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