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Best Fonts for Laser Engraving

Best Fonts for Laser Engraving

The first step to choosing a laser engraving font is to choose either script and block. Script is more formal, while block is more common. Block fonts mostly fall into serif and sans serif. Serif fonts have extra edges, making them rougher in appearance. Sans serif fonts don’t have these extra edges, making them look softer. You should consider the size of the font, the design of the font, and the thickness of the lines in the font. Small fonts and thin lines are much more difficult to carve. To be completely safe, large sans-serif fonts like Arial are recommended.

Key Takeaways:

  • Font that is small is difficult to read, and some designs are harder to carve.
  • Among the best fonts for engraving are Helvetica and Franklin Gothic (for Sans Serif) and Garamond and Times (Serif).
  • Thick, continuous lines stand out, while rough edges and fading should be avoided.

“When choosing a font for an inscription, the first decision you may make is whether to use a script or block font. Typography is the most common choice for formal or somber occasions such as funerals or tributes. In block fonts, they can be further divided into serif and sans serif.”

Read more: https://monportlaser.com/blogs/projects-and-ideas/best-fonts-for-laser-engraving


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