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Boss Laser Fan – Gloria

Boss Laser Fan – Gloria

This month’s #BossOfTheMonth is Gloria from @simply.sawdust on Instagram! As you all know, most of our content on social is based on sharing the incredible creations of #TeamBossLaser. Gloria is a huge Boss Laser fan, and it all started when she purchased the LS1416 and recently added the LS2440 laser to her collection. “I make a lot of engraved charcuterie boards and have begun to add food-grade safe paints from @realmilkpaintco (Instagram). This combination has allowed me to create beautiful boards and other projects that my customers absolutely love!” 😍 Gloria has an extensive background in machining and programming. And her business focuses on teaching the next generation of makers how to use lasers and showing them how to make cool things with the computer skills they already have. “Kids just know, and I learn from them as well. “Gloria also does some fantastic work, as you can see from the pictures and video. Make sure to check her pages out and drop a “congrats” for her in the comments below. Keep inspiring others, Gloria! 😎


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