Home Inspiration #BossSummerChallenge Top 10 Winners

#BossSummerChallenge Top 10 Winners

#BossSummerChallenge Top 10 Winners

We are thrilled to share some of the amazing entries we received for the #BossSummerChallenge! Here are the top 10 winners.


Challenger #10!Tammy Grater from Lasered From The Heart took the 10th place for our #BossSummerChallenge with the amazing project of engraving the North Star Waterways logo on cedar dock sections. 

Challenger #9!

Emily Longbrake from Emily Longbrake Art took the 9th place for the #BossSummerChallenge 

Challenger #8!

This awesome and unique piece titled “Cielo” was created by Alma Arizpe from River Girl Works, and took 8th place in our #BossSummerChallenge!

Challenger #7!

Created by Allen Massey from Focused Light Creation, this awesome mechanical box took 7th place in our #BossSummerChallenge!

Challenger #6!

This amazing project was designed by Richard Gayheart and took 6th place of our #BossSummerChallenge!

Challenger #5!

The 5th place winner for our #BossSummerChallenge was created by Rick Dodson of Four Color Creations!

Challenger #4!

Our #BossSummerChallenge 4th place winner shows an epic engraving work. Make sure to follow them on Instagram at @Osheasaquadipp_mtlaserdesigns. 

Challenger #3!

Our 3rd place #BossSummerChallenge is an amazing piece created by Gus Gonzalez.

Challenger #2!

This awe-inspiring piece of art was created by Gabriel of Gabriel Schama Studios and took the 2nd place of our #BossSummerChallenge!

1st Place Challenger!

Let’s kick it off with the 1st place project, “Alleviation” by Art by Philip Roberts.

Philip named it “Alleviation” because of the way he felt when it was finished. Make sure to follow Philip for more of his projects and remember to share your awesome creations by tagging us or using #TeamBossLaser #BossSummerChallenge!


Thanks to everyone for participating and we’re looking forward to seeing the projects you share with us by tagging us or using #TeamBossLaser.




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