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Bringing Game Tokens And Spinners To Life

Bringing Game Tokens And Spinners To Life

As a way to give people a break from screen time, board games are making a resurgence in popularity. When creating new games, one of the important components are the game tokens. The question becomes how to make the pieces. One option is 3D printing. But this is an expensive option and you are limited to the plastic that 3D printers use. A better option is laser cutting. Laser cutting is more affordable, it’s fast, and there is a huge number of materials that laser cutters can cut through.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because they’re so nostalgic, and it gives people a chance to do something other than look at a screen, board games have gained popularity again.
  • One option to create good shapes for games, would be to use a 3D printer
  • Some games require an old world feel, and the material chosen to make them can be important to that end.

“Affordable pricing, quick turnaround and a HUGE materials selection make laser cutting the trifecta of manufacturing.”

Read more: https://www.ponoko.com/blog/maker-success-stories/laser-cut-game-pieces-nick-ackroyd/


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