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Chaotic Double Pendulum

Chaotic Double Pendulum

There are several tools that become necessary, when you’re making a chaotic double pendulum. Some of these include sleeve bearings, truss head screws, and binding barrels. You also need both wood glue and super glue. In terms of the wood, I prefer birch plywood, and for the plastic, I prefer clear acrylic. The parts can be cut using whatever method you choose, but I generally design for CNC. It can be done by hand, but you have to be very precise.

Key Takeaways:

  • The hardware for this project costs $150, including $10 for each ball bearing.
  • The wood and acrylic parts could be cut by hand, but the drilled holes require great precision.
  • Sub-assemblies are glued together, bearings installed, weights added, and wood parts finished.

“I’ve included the model in STEP format which can be imported into other CAD programs, should you desire to customize the design.”

Read more: https://www.instructables.com/Chaotic-Double-Pendulum/


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