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Custom Acrylic Stencils

Custom Acrylic Stencils

No matter how digitized the world becomes, some things just work better when you write them down. This includes the art of brainstorming. There is a satisfaction that comes when you create an idea in your head, and write it down. This same satisfaction can also come from hand drawing. The issue with drawing is that you can’t be as precise as drawing digitally. The solution to this is using laser cut stencils. People think of stencils for just arts and crafts, but they can be used for more than that.

Key Takeaways:

  • With laser cut stencils, hand drawing can become as precise as digital drawing.
  • Alison Alvarez of BlastPoint designed a stencil for the company’s CTO, then laser cut it in acrylic.
  • Blogger Michael Janzen came up with a stencil for tiny house design work.

“Sure, they’re great for crafty applications, but they have a right-and-proper place within the business world, too.”

Read more: https://www.ponoko.com/blog/maker-success-stories/custom-acrylic-stencils-blastpoint-tiny-house-design/


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