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Cutting Fabric on the Laser Cutter – i3Detroit

Cutting Fabric on the Laser Cutter – i3Detroit

Cutting materials by using a laser machine is gaining in popularity as technology advances, making the process more affordable and quite precise. While the standard equipment cuts metal in this way, certain machines are able to cut different materials such as fabric. The advantages are numerous. The tool does not distort the working object, it eliminates errors and it achieves high precision. Furthermore, the process itself is quite repeatable, which boost creativity and the art of possible, resulting in crazy and complex designs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Advantages of cutting fabric on the laser cutter versus doing it manually include its preciseness, repeatability, sealing of edges and possibility of making complex patterns.
  • Safety in cutting fabric should not be a problem if you stay away from pleather and vinyl material while also ensuring that air is flowing so fabric will not ignite.
  • The future possibilities that cutting fabric by laser has is unlimited with imagination through software programs leading the way.

“Both categories of material are generally fine to laser-cut, they’ll just end up with crispy edges or melty edges, depending on what you use.”

Read more: https://www.i3detroit.org/wiki/Cutting_Fabric_on_the_Laser_Cutter


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