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Extraordinary Personalization

Extraordinary Personalization

Some business owners use lasers for their exceptional ability to personalize projects. There are endless possibilities for laser engravers when using a combination of the laser, creativity, and expertise. One such person, Allen Rockwell, uses an AutoCAD to design miniatures and a Versalaser which performs the laser cutting and engraving part of the job. Charles Stanley runs a part-time business focused on laser engraving for jewelry and awards. He uses a Trotec Rayjet laser engraver, which took no more than 12 minutes to complete the engraving of a lake map project. Ultimately, lasers are a great tool that can be used to personalize a wide selection of products.

Key Takeaways:

  • Frank’s customers began asking for different memorial designs, which has lead to more personalization.
  • Lake MarKing of Michigan made sun-catchers by hand with a scroll saw, but soon switched to a laser for more detailed work.
  • Allen Rockwell’s company makes war-game miniatures and sells laser cut kits that customers can assemble themselves.

“Frank O’Donnell, owner of Laser Impressions UK, Stafford, Staffordshire, UK, started his laser enterprise in Sept. 2016.”

Read more: https://www.engraversjournal.com/articles/online/extraordinary-personalization


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