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How Lasers Fit Into the IIoT

How Lasers Fit Into the IIoT

Based on the use of photonics and lasers, the IIOT, which stands for Industrial Internet of Things, is growing rapidly. Shortly after the creation of lasers, they were put to use in manufacturing. Laser manufacturing includes many different things, including cutting, drilling, welding, micromachining, marking engraving, and additive manufacturing. There are also different types of lasers, such as gas, excimer or exciplex, dye, and solid state. Lasers are joining the IIOT due to the advent of smart control boards.

Key Takeaways:

  • A laser isn’t just a beam of light, but it’s a beam of light that contains the energy necessary to manipulate materials.
  • Laser cutting is the most recognizable task that lasers do and are known for.
  • Lasers are capable of welding, and welding with a laser is faster than welding with more traditional methods.

“Almost immediately after lasers were first created, laser tools were applied in manufacturing environments.”

Read more: https://iotbusinessnews.com/2018/01/10/55473-lasers-fit-iiot/


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