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Industrial Applications of Lasers

Industrial Applications of Lasers

The use of lasers in industrial applications takes advantages of its unique and special properties. Lasers are quite versatile and can used for material processing such as welding. drilling, cutting and heat treatment. It also does well in specialized applications such as clearing of space debris, laser balancing and remote decontamination. One should however be keenly aware that there are some biological and physical hazards when working with this technology. Overall, the benefits of using lasers in industrial application greatly outweigh its disadvantages and expectation is that it will only grow in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because of their qualities, lasers have been used in many different fields, including medicine and entertainment.
  • In the industrial arena, it’s important for safety to be kept in mind, because lasers pose hazards.
  • Metals are good reflectors, but the wavelength needs to be considered when choosing a laser.

“Pulsed as well as CW lasers are employed for industrial applications. Nd:YAG (~10KW), CO2 (~25KW) and COIL (~40KW) are some of the most commonly employed high power lasers.”

Read more: https://www.worldoflasers.com/laserapplindustrial.htm


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