Home Application Laser-Cut Box Loom – Make:

Laser-Cut Box Loom – Make:

Laser-Cut Box Loom – Make:

This was definitely one of the more interesting projects I worked on. The loom that was shown to me looked lovely and challenging. Since my skill in woodworking is not at an enviable level, I made a decision to have a design that will utilize cutting done by laser and then the assembly of individual pieces. This way I could minimize work and decrease the chance of mistakes and frustration. This design was created in a way to enable stacking, if you end up making more than one such piece.

Key Takeaways:

  • The construction is easier since slots are used for the cloth and warp beams instead of holes.
  • Laser-cutting the pieces involves cutting the black lines and etching the red lines.
  • Final assembly includes putting beams into slots and securing them with small rings.

“This box loom is designed for use with a rigid heddle or for card weaving.”

Read more: https://makezine.com/projects/laser-cut-box-loom/


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