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Laser Cutters in Education

Laser Cutters in Education

Laser cutting is being more common and will most likely be the future for cutting with precision and accuracy. Teachers are now starting to implement laser cutting in their teachers curriculum. Not only do they have to add in the instruments, but there are a few software applications that need to be used as well. Mostly Vector Design type of applications. One of the main companies that are supplying the machines to the classroom are Trotec Lasers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dremel has created 15 different laser cutter projects that are being used to support Social Studies.
  • The culture project at Dremel is for students to cut a logo or a flag that shows off their culture.
  • There are many different vector design tools used such as a corel draw a vectr and SVG Edit.

“This 158-page handbook was compiled with ideas from many of the educational experts in the fields of constructing and creating. There are ideas for many constructivist projects using various tools.”

Read more: https://www.schrockguide.net/lasercutters.html


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