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Laser Cutting Basics

Laser Cutting Basics

Laser cutters are primarily used by engineers, designers, and artists. They can use thin, focused beams in order to cut out the patterns that the designers have created. A laser cutter is known as a CNC, which means that it is run by a computer. They are know as rapid prototyping machines, which is also true for 3D Printers. They are very fast, and can produce designs in only a few minutes. This gives designers a way to quickly create a few of their designs, before they do it on a larger scale.

Key Takeaways:

  • The primary people who use a laser cutter are engineers, designers, and other artists.
  • The purpose of a laser cutter, is to cut through materials in order to create the designs that the designer is asking for.
  • Laser cutters are known as CNC’s, which means that it is controlled by a computer.

“Once a design is sent to a laser cutter, the machine uses a laser beam to cut into or etch into the material on the cutting bed.”

Read more: https://www.instructables.com/Laser-Cutting-Basics/


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