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More companies are looking for cost effective and more efficient ways of cutting gems. They are now starting to utilize various laser methods to get the right cut. The precision and accuracy that a laser can cut is unmatched. Not only can they do that, but they also have the ability to do other various types of cuts. This type of cutting is becoming more and more common and will be the standard at some point.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some advantages of laser cutting machines are they are easy to repeat cuts and they have narrow kerf widths.
  • Laser cutting is great for jewelry because they can create very complex patterns with exact cuts.
  • Some jewelry designs that can be made using laser cutting are pendants, charms, name necklaces as well as circle monograms.

“Jewelry designers and manufacturers are continually looking for reliable solutions for producing precision cutting of precious metals. Fiber laser cutting with high power levels, improved maintenance and better functionality is emerging as a top choice for jewelry cutting applications, particularly applications where superior edge quality, tight dimensional tolerances and high production is required.”

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