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Laser cutting wood – materials and tips — Dot Laser

Laser cutting wood – materials and tips — Dot Laser

Wood is a great material to use in a laser cutter. But not all wood is created equal. In the instance of plywood, one of the preferred choices for general use, is poplar plywood. MDF Veneer is another popular choice for laser cutters. One benefit of this type of veneer is that it’s inexpensive, comes in several different thicknesses, and it has enough rigidity to use for things like architectural models. Types of veneer include oak, maple, and walnut.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lasers can struggle with plywood sheets with exterior glue, but work better with poplar plywood.
  • MDF and MDF veneer is commonly used because it is cheap, but still has enough rigidity.
  • Oak, walnut and maple veneer provides a different finish from plywood.

“From a laser cutter point of view we would like to share with you some important facts about laser cutting wood based materials. Laser machines love wood, that’s for sure. You can create a lot of beautiful designs that will look amazing especially when cut from wood.”

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