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LASERCUT4 | article – Laser Engraving on wood

LASERCUT4 | article – Laser Engraving on wood

Artistic wood engraving is also known as pyrography. It is a handicraft technique that involves burning into wood, producing colors ranging from light brown to black depending on the heat level. Usually done with electric tools, it can also be performed with laser technology. Laser engraving operates more quickly than alternative methods, and easily allows the repeating of the same cutting path. Using computer files allows parameters to be easily changed and a high degree of customization. It is also cheaper. Laser engraving works on a variety of woods, such as maple, beech and pine.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is possible to control the heat levels with lasers, therefore affecting the color.
  • Lasers operate quickly and, because they are computer-controlled, can repeat cuts.
  • Laser cutting is cheaper than engraving by hand and doesn’t require costly additional processing tools.

“The colors in the picture range from shades of gray and light brown to shades of dark brown and black.”

Read more: https://www.lasercut4.com/en/articles/pyrography-engraving-on-wood


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