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Personalized Wood Products That Sell!

Personalized Wood Products That Sell!

There are quite a few personalized wood products that you can start making on your own and then sell to make a profit. One of the best products to make is a coaster because they make for a great gift and a personalized one is very unique. Another great option is a wooden bottle opener as many people like to attach them to their keychains. Finally, a wooden watch is a great piece of jewelry that is inexpensive and gives off a very unique look.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wood coasters can be personalized and make great gifts for bosses, teachers, homemakers and others.
  • Pen sets, paperweights and pencil cups are just some of the desk accessories that make great gifts.
  • Wood games and toys, photo frames, rolling pins, and business card holders are just a few of the other options.

“When this happens in my shop, I often give an engraved ink pen to the customer as an “I’m sorry” condolence for having to come back a second time to pick up their order.”

Read more: https://www.engraversjournal.com/articles/online/personalized-wood-products-that-sell!


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