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Reflective metals laser cutting – Laser Ing – Blog

Reflective metals laser cutting – Laser Ing – Blog

When it comes to cutters a reflective metal such as aluminum, you need to make sure that you are paying special attention to the laser cutter. If you do not prepare in advance for these materials you can damage the lens of your laser. There can be issues due to the reflection of the laser beam as you don’t want your beam to get rejected. You need to make sure the reflective material is covered with a layer or a device that can absorb a laser beam.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since Co2 laser cutters work off directing the laser beam through a mirror and a lense, the reflexive properties can reject the beam.
  • A fiber laser cutter is one of the more recent forms of technology regarding laser cutters and performs better than Co2.
  • There are many different reflective materials that you can use such as brass, copper, silver and gold.

“In addition to aluminum, laser cutting of stainless steel that is further processed by polishing can also be a major problem.”

Read more: https://www.laser-ing.com/blog/reflective-metals-laser-cutting


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