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The Niche Markets of Lasers

The Niche Markets of Lasers

Lasers have enormous potential in new markets and can attract a large amount of customers due to an increasing interest in personalization of just about everything. In particular, personalizing drinkware is growing a fast rate. In addition to personalized gifts and awards, lasers are becoming increasingly popular in industrial marketing, such as bar codes and product logos. Furthermore, fiber lasers are commonly used in jewelry engraving, which makes the process more efficient. While entry level lasers are suitable for some retailers, more accessories and features will enable you to achieve more potential for your products.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personalization of items is a growing trend that lasers can take advantage of.
  • During the pandemic, lasers have been used to create face shields, protective acrylic barriers, and COVID-specific signage.
  • The type of machine needed depends on the material to be engraved and the type of mark to be made.

“Popular industrial marks include bar codes, serial numbers, 2-D data matrix codes, and logos on products.”

Read more: https://awardspersonalization.org/DetailsPage/tabid/442/ArticleID/188/The-Niche-Markets-of-Lasers.aspx


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