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Wood / Acrylic Letter Banks

Wood / Acrylic Letter Banks

These letter banks were first seen on Etsy which was the inspiration for the creation of them. It is unknown if the original Etsy ones were made using a laser. These specific banks are made of birch plywood that is an eighth of an inch thick as well as clear cast acrylic which is also an eighth of an inch thick. Glue and screws are the only other materials used as the layers need to be glued together. Customers rave about the burnt and rustic look of these pieces.

Key Takeaways:

  • The wooden banks are made of 4 different materials which are birch plywood, clear acrylic, glue and screws.
  • The inspiration for this idea came from Etsy as a person was already selling banks that looked similar to these.
  • CUstomers are giving rave reviews as they have talked about how much they like the burnt rustic look.

“They take a bit of time to cut out the layers to be glued together and a bit more time to assemble but they have a really cool look.”

Read more: https://www.mbjdlaser.com/blog/wood-acrylic-letter-banks


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